April 18, 2023

Why Ship ‘n Destroy for Your E-Cycling?

Best Buy is one of the few retail chains that offer customers a chance to recycle their old electronics. While this might seem like a great initiative, it doesn’t answer the question of what happens to your data after you drop off your device. Many people are concerned about data breaches and identity theft and would prefer to have their information destroyed before they part ways with their devices.

Best Buy does have a recycling program that offers secure data destruction for an additional fee. This service guarantees that personal information on devices will be wiped clean before being recycled. However, it is worth noting that not all Best Buy locations offer this service, so it’s essential to check beforehand if you want the added security.

While Best Buy’s recycling program is undoubtedly commendable, its lack of emphasis on secure data destruction leaves some customers uneasy about recycling their electronic devices there. Ship n Destroy offers peace-of-mind in knowing your devices are wiped clean in a NAID certified facility, many times at a fraction of the cost of a retailer. You also avoid the hassle of driving to a store with our convenient secure bins that can be shipped securely to our facility for safe and secure destruction. Learn more at shipndestroy.com