August 17, 2021

What Happens to Your Destroyed Device?

Is it possible to track your IT assets? 

Apto Solutions is experimenting with tracking where recycled assets ultimately end up. You can read more about their progress in this article here: 

What happens with my smart devices from Ship n Destroy?

Rest assured, Ship n Destroy physically destroys your information with our Certified Hard Drive Hammer. This assures that your hard drive will be completely destroyed by crushing the memory platters. Unlike other methods such as drilling, overwriting, or degaussing, our HD Hammer assures that your information is permanently irretrievable.

Where are my devices stored once shipped?

Ship-n-Destroy’s secure plant is operated by  SecurShred, an information destruction company that has been certified for hard drive and paper media destruction for plant-based and mobile operation by the National Association for Information Destruction (NAID). Regularly and randomly, NAID audits our facilities, personnel, equipment, and polices & procedures. This ensures that your sensitive documents are safe and secure and all confidential materials are properly destroyed and recycled

How Does it Work?

Once your order is submitted, we will process your request and ship a securable plastic tote to your location, 2 numbered locks, instructions and a return shipping label in a cardboard box.

 See how EASY it is to securely destroy your old devices at