May 23, 2018

Securing the Internet of Things

While enticing to “put our homes to work for us,” where does that leave security for yourself? For your workplace?

With the advent of Amazon’s Echo Dot, health watches and gadgets to monitor every move you make, it can become enticing to interconnect all of your devices to make a “Smart Home.” The convenience of ordering music through Alexa, getting recipes from your refrigerator and monitoring your heart rate through your watch beckons us to “put our homes to work for us,” but where does that leave security for yourself? For your workplace?

Why worry about an appliance?

In 2014, 750,000 malicious emails were sent out from seemingly harmless appliances (yes, including a refrigerator…) According to Proofpoint, “the cyberattack was the first proven breach of the so-called ‘Internet of Things,'” the interconnection of all home appliances and gadgets.   As companies scramble to revise regulations for BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) to the workplace, how do you monitor your employees’ devices and how do they compromise your organization’s security protocols?

Password Protected

Passwords are imperative to having secure devices within the workplace. Ensuring your company has a password protocol in place (using LastPass is a start in defending your sensitive data.)

Security Updates

Many times we see the updates and pass them over – DON’T! Many of the newer apps and gadgets start off strong with security updates, then wane over time. Make certain your employees take updates on their smart devices seriously.


Sharing articles like this with your employees helps them understand the magnitude of the security risk they’re facing not only personally, but also through the company. At least being aware will help employees be more mindful of how they use Alexa and other devices.

Disposal of outmoded devices

Use Ship n Destroy  to securely rid your company of old devices that could pose a security risk. An investment under $10 to securely destroy outmoded devices is a smart, economical investment in comparison to compromising your company’s sensitive data.