January 9, 2019

Out with the Old, in with the New…

Transfer Data from Your Old Phone to a New One

If you’re ready to let go of your iPhone 3G, (please tell me you’ve updated since then, right?), you won’t be disappointed in 2019. Samsung, Apple and 3D camera capabilities from Sony all make for an interesting year in the world of advancing smartphones. But the biggest fear many face is securely transferring the data you have housed on your smart device and not having sensitive information leaked from obsolete office phones from your sales fleet.

Support for Older Smartphones

While you may think it’s frugal to hold onto those old devices, many times, the manufacturers will not support updates to those phones, leaving your company at a security risk. Here’s a list of Apple devices and how long they’re supported.

How Do I Transfer Old Data to the New Device?

Every device is different, but make certain to have “Backup My Data” enabled from Settings. Many times, data can be transferred via Bluetooth. Check with your service provider and they can usually walk you through it painlessly, but be sure to backup your data first, just in case.

Keep or Toss?

For an old phone? NEITHER. The lithium batteries from an old phone can present a fire hazard, so never leave it in an old drawer or purse. Never throw away your phone, even if you think you’ve wiped it clean, there could always be some information left there that a thief can unlock. Dispose of your office smartphones with our ShipnDestroy service so you can have the peace-of-mind that your office is avoiding security vulnerabilities from properly disposed of devices.