May 14, 2019

Living on the Edge – Securing Routers: The Latest Report Ship n Destroy for secure destruction of your routers

You hear us talk about securing your smart devices, but what about those devices that secure the perimeter between “your network” and “theirs?” Routers are the gateway from your company to the “out there…” How do you keep them secure?

The CTA (Cyber Threat Alliance,) has been focusing on the alarming rate of attacks on devices that are on the “edge,” such as routers, switches and firewalls. The latest vulnerability? VPNFilters are a sophisticated modular malware system that targeted networking equipment, ultimately infecting at least 500,000 devices at its peak.We found this report to give some tips on how we as security professionals, can work together to give you the safest practices for your company.

If your routers and switches are older, it might be wise to have a security check-up and upgrade those old modalities. Bring your outmoded devices to Ship n Destroy for secure destruction.