June 11, 2019

Is Your Printer Under Attack?

How to Protect Your Printer Network from Cyber Attack FREE Seminar from Symquest

Back in 2017, a team of German researchers analyzed 20 printers and multi-function printers and uncovered several vulnerabilities that can be exploited to crash a device or obtain sensitive information.

How Can My Printer Be a Security Risk?

Your printer is a treasure trove of data. Take a look at these vulnerabilities:

Stored Documents and Email Addresses: Many printers auto-store emails and sensitive documents like Annual Reports, Profit and Loss Statements and other data that is lucrative to a hacker (and your competitors…)

Launch Phishing or Malware Attacks: A hacker can use printers to send email disguised as the authentic sender. So if your Admin’s email is stored as a sender in your printer’s directory, a fake “urgent message, please open” email could be sent to your entire staff (or worse, your client list…) that could send malware causing untold damage to your entire network and those of your clients.

Through the month of June, our friends at Symquest are offering free seminars on how to protect your company from:

  • Social Engineering — The Attack Life Cycle
  • Secure Printing — “Hardening” Your MFP
  • Everyday Security Considerations — Email, Scanning, Fax and Mobile Print
  • Multi-functional Printers — Potential Points of Failure
  • Secure Communication — Encryption & Closing Portals
  • Additional Security — Print Management & Software Applications
  • Maximizing Your MFP — Paperless Fax, User Boxes & Mobile Features 

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