April 16, 2019

Is it REALLY Necessary to DESTROY My Old Smart Device?

Are you ready to breakup with your smartphone? Take these steps to ensure your security

We get it – breaking up (and breaking apart…) your smart device seems so… final. What if there’s a photo you forgot to save on your Google Drive? What about that app you love – will you remember to download it onto your new device? Not to worry – take these steps and you’ll be flying with your new smart device in no time!

1) Backup: Backup your device BEFORE you turn it in for replacement
Make sure you’ve saved your pictures onto the cloud. Google Drive and Google Photos offer a GREAT way to save your pictures. (And did you know you can access your docs at Staples when you need to print in a hurry?) Most stores are adept at setting up your new phone, however, taking the extra step to back up documents and pictures BEFORE you upgrade is always a good idea.

2) Ship n Destroy: Once you’ve cleaned your device, ship it and destroy it to make certain NO ONE can access your data. Ship your smart devices here: https://shipndestroy.com

Once your new phone’s in your hands, take these steps to keep your smartphone secure:

1) The Secrets are in the Settings: Phone makers keep the best secrets in the settings: Not only your beeps, tones, and annoying sounds  live there, but so do handy tools like call blockers, motion and gesture controls along with privacy settings. Setup your ringtones in Settings so you can easily identify emails or social media posts that require your attention. Shut off the ones you don’t need.

2) Security: ALWAYS put a lock code on your phone. In the event it gets stolen, it will lock-out the thief from your sensitive data.Go to Settings > General > Passcode Lock. Similarly, you’ll also need to turn off access to the Control Center and the Notification Center from your lock screen. To get there, go to Settings > Control Center, and Settings > Notification Center.

3) Find My Phone: This feature enables you to track, manage, and secure your phone once it’s missing. To use it, you’ll first need an iCloud account, though you do not need to sync any of your data, like e-mail and contacts, to the cloud. After you’re set up, then go to the iCloud page of your iPhone’s Settings and slide the Find My iPhone toggle to on.

Taking these 3 easy steps will ensure your data stays safe and secure.