October 17, 2018

291 Breaches per Second? What the Records DON’T Show

Last week, Gemalto’s Breach Level Index was released, giving valuable insight into data breaches and some alarming trends: Records per Breach is Growing: The general rise in the volume of lost records is alarming enough (1H 2018’s figure is up 1,751% on 1H 2015), but what’s really scary is the average number of records per … More

September 18, 2018

Why Switch to HTTPS instead of HTTP for your Website?

Stop Putting Your Customers’ Devices at Risk If you’re using an iPhone, Safari is your default browser where you shop for your favorite store, research a company or Tweet your morning coffee. There’s a browser security hiccup happening that could leave you vulnerable to a breach. Attackers can now spoof a url on Safari. A … More