May 23, 2018

Securing the Internet of Things

While enticing to “put our homes to work for us,” where does that leave security for yourself? For your workplace? With the advent of Amazon’s Echo Dot, health watches and gadgets to monitor every move you make, it can become enticing to interconnect all of your devices to make a “Smart Home.” The convenience of … More

April 10, 2018

$10.00 or $27 Million? What Can Your Company Afford to Protect Customer Data?

It’s astounding that with options like Ship n Destroy’s ability to destroy hard drives, laptops and smart devices securely for under $10, reputable companies still leave themselves (and their customers,) vulnerable to attack. Take for example Home Depot’s whopping $27.94 Million penalty, partly for illegally disposing of hazardous waste in California. Not only did they … More